Y'all Gon' Make Me Lose My Mind

Been planning to do this phrase for a while now but today's more appropriate for it than any other time. It happens more often than we think but I never thought I'd actually witness a person committing suicide by jumping in front of the train. At 1:00am on the TTC, I saw a  man jump to his death. Just like that, he was gone... he jumped just seconds before the train approached the station. The driver had no time to stop the train - even if he did, I think it would've cost more harm than good; he could've injured more people in the process. You know when cars 'run over' a person when in reality they really get bumped and pushed? This train actually ran over the man and he disappeared in an instance. It's been stuck with me for a few days now - it's one of my worst nightmares even before this. I usually would even look away from the platform when people get too close to it in case they fall by accident. I've taken the train a few times ever since and I'm glued on the wall until the train comes to a complete stop. I am never ever coming close to that yellow line when  the train is on the approach. 

As for the person who jumped to his death - I hope he didn't leave anyone behind to suffer. I just think it's inconsiderate for a person to jump to their death in that manner. It leaves those witnesses scarred for life. 

I'm ok now... but definitely one of the scariest things I've ever seen.